Full hair is synonymous with hair that has plenty of volume, is bouncy and does not look flat or “just there”. If your hair is naturally flat or scarce, this is how to get a fuller mane:

Use Volumizing Products

Start out by washing your hair with a shampoo specifically formulated for fine thin hair. Rinse thoroughly and apply a good quality conditioner to help your hair be healthier and in good condition, since healthy hair has more bounce and body. After thoroughly conditioning your hair rinse off all product, as leaving conditioner on your hair will weight it down. It is also a good idea to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove all leftover styling products which may be weighting your hair down.

Towel dry your hair and apply a root lifter to your roots, which is a product that helps increase volume where it counts the most: the first inch of hair attached to your scalp.

Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down

Apply volumizing moosse to the full extension of your hair. Then tilt your hair down and blow dry from the roots down towards the ends. Scrunch a section of your hair in your fists for a few seconds, then let go and do it to another section, and so on until you’re “scrunched” the totality of your mane.

Use Big Hot Rollers

I am a huge fan of hot rollers, since they help you achieve the same effect as a hot iron, without damaging your hair. Buy the biggest hot rollers you can find in your local beauty supply store, and use them regularly. Just place them on your hair once this is dry, and leave them on for ten minutes. Remove them, tilt your head down and tussle your hair with your hands. Tilt your hair back and enjoy beautifully fuller hair!